Friday Finds: Things to Read, Watch, and Check Out

This was a busy but productive week. I’m reveling in the glory of some much-needed tasks crossed off my list. It started when I called to schedule my annual mammogram and ended up with an appointment the next day. It’s proof that small wins are motivational. Cheers to a relaxing or productive weekend – whichever you need!

Everyone has their go-to Costco staples. Ours are the Kirkland maple syrup and the two dozen organic eggs. This list shows the most popular Costco item in every state. (Real Simple)

A comprehensive look at how TikTok has changed America. (NY Times gift link)

Relatable experiences that are very… relatable. (Buzzfeed)

If you watched Live to 100 on Netflix, you’re probably obsessed with Blue Zones as well so here’s more fuel for the fire. (Well+Good)

Tips from a travel writer as we all prepare for summer trips. (The Everygirl)

What I’m Reading

This week I read The Women by Kristin Hannah and I absolutely devoured this book. The story starts in 1966 when Frankie McGrath enlists in the Army Nurses Corp to follow her older brother to war in Vietnam. I always knew the country was divided over the Vietnam War, but this novel painted a picture that I didn’t previously understand, especially regarding female service members.

On the recommendation of a friend, I listened to The Drowning Woman by Robyn Harding and enjoyed this twisty story. Lee is living in her car and struggling to get her life back when she rescues Hazel after she throws herself into the ocean. The two women’s lives ultimately become entangled in a way that neither expects.

What I’m Watching

My husband and I finally finished Ted Lasso and while I’m a bit sad to be done, I didn’t love the second and third season as much as the first. As a treat for the final episode, I made the biscuit recipe I shared a few weeks ago.

While my husband was out of town I watched Anyone But You, an enemies-turned-lovers rom-com featuring Sydney Sweeney and Glenn Powell. Having grown up in the rom-com heyday of the 1990s, I was pleasantly surprised by this one. They certainly use more colorful language than Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks but it was funny and had its predictably cute moments as all rom-coms should. (currently on Netflix)

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